Following the Voice Within

My journey into to soap making is rather interesting.  As a lifelong crafter and artisan, my dreams and career aspirations were in fashion and music. For a short time I owned a boutique with 30% of fashions and jewelry made by me.  The boutique closed when my Mom succumb to old age and her settlement into a new reality occupied all of my time, energy, and life.  When her settlement was complete and I settled into my own new normal, the crafter became antsy and the entrepreneur needed to open for business once again. You see, I am a serial entrepreneur with a desire from childhood to be self-employed.

When my spirit heard “make soap”, my response was, “what”?  So, my research into soapmaking begins but the thought of handling lye was frightening.  I chickened out.  Soy candles had become the next big thing so I signed up.  Big mistake!

Did I mention that jar candles are heavy, bulky, and take up lots of space.  Nevertheless, I hit craft shows and found an abundance of candle vendors.  My response action was to add glycerin soaps to create gift sets. Achieving only marginal success, in the spring of 2009 I gave in and bought oils, butter, and lye to make soap.  It sat on a shelf until August.


I pour candles once or twice a year for a few special friends plus I carry a small selection during the holidays and include them in gift sets. My lesson from this experience, follow that voice, spirit, or knowing from within.  Don’t let others sway you from instructions you know you’ve received.





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