For Mommy and Michelle

My mother had to have a piece of sweet potato pie or pound cake for dessert after Sunday dinner.  This was non-negotiable.  She would cook dinner and bake Saturday evening.  You see, when Mommy got home from church, all she wanted to do was heat it up and sit down to her dinner.  This wasn’t quick.  We’re talking pre-microwave. Her flavor of choice for pound cake was lemon, then came the 7 Up pound cake.  Y’all know bout that, right?  I didn’t care for either.  I wanted vanilla or caramel pound cake.  Oh but no, it had to be lemon!

In search of candle scents for my new business I soon identified what would become a favorite supplier and what did I discover.  You know it, lemon pound cake.  Really, hummm this might work.  I had to try it and my lemon pound cake candles became a favorite, quick.

Michelle and I met when she was working on her master’s degree.  She was the program’s graduate student assistant.  Michelle has supported me from day one and was a frequent buyer from my boutique.  She was the first to buy a lemon pound cake candle and proudly announced how she’d faked out her husband by making him think she was baking.  She was hooked.  When she suggested I fragrance soap with lemon pound cake I though she was a little off.  “Chelle, hun, do you really want to smell like a big ol’ hunk of cake?”  She replied “Girl, you need to listen to me. That scent is the boom.  I gave in and made a test batch with glycerin soap. She loved it. Having lemon pound cake soap wasn’t enough.  Nope, now Chelle wanted a body butter stick too.

Lemon Pound Cake Soap

Needless to say, the scent has performed way better than I would have ever imagined. Last fall I added a lemon pound cake lip balm.

This isn’t the last you’ll hear of Michelle. Like I said, she has supported me from day one and always has an opinion, want it or not, like it or not, I love her dearly and value our open honest friendship.  Love you girl!



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  1. There’s nothing better to pamper yourself with than an amazingly scented homemade soap. I can’t wait to try this one!!

    1. Thanks Amy Hope you’re enjoy the soap.

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