Coconut Milk Shake

Production for spring and summer favorites is in full swing.  I try to stay outside as much as I can when the weather turns hot, so its no problem at all for me to stay in during the  winter and rainy early spring making soap and other skincare goodies.  When the sun comes out and the temperature climbs you’ll find me outside at a festival, makers market, or somewhere under an umbrella with a cool drink.

Spring and summer features smooth and creamy creations, summer days at the beach, along with fruity tropical delights and fragrant florals.  First up, Coconut Milk Shake Soap made with the stuff that will make your skin sundress ready.  I use sunflower oil, cocoa butter, and coconut milk, to create a moisturizing and conditioning thick, rich, creamy lather that will leave your skin soft and smooth.  “Sundress ready”.  This one will be cured and ready around April 21.

Coconut Milk Shake-blog


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