Mother’s Day & Pamper Fest 2017

Last weekend was Mother’s Day and Pamper Fest.  Pamper Fest is hosted at an all suites hotel giving the ladies an opportunity to relax and enjoy spa treatments as they move from room to room.  Thanks to Sue Miller and Miller Products for a great event.

Based on my business name, I decided to throw a Luau.  There were Polynesian meatballs in a sauce of pineapple, mango, and  habanero peppers along with King’s Hawaiian rolls and sweet potato chips.

Etsy Spring-more 022

The living room was staged by category with the TV armoire being all citrus and fruit. scented soap and gift boxes.

Etsy Spring-more 020

My Grandma’s Garden occupied the end table.

Etsy Spring-more 013

The essential oil and unscented soap occupied a place near my POS for upselling.

Etsy Spring-more 028

It was a great sleep over with lots of fun.  So much fun that I forgot to take picture with the ladies.

#pamper #mothersday #flowergarden


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