Memories of “My Grandma’s Garden”

Scents are powerful and they come with memories.  Scents can bring you joy, laughter, and tears.

On this day, I laughed and shed a few happy tears as I experienced the power of scent on memory when I received a sample bottle of Pink Peony fragrance oil.  My first and immediate reaction was a smile as the smell of the pink peony bush that resided by the front porch steps at my childhood home came to mind.  You see until my early-teens, I lived in an extended family household in my grandparents’ home with my parents.  My grandmother loved flowers and there were flower gardens everywhere including the front yard, backyard, and on the side of the house next to the drive way.  But that Pink Peony bush was the centerpiece of the front yard.  The scent was inescapable from the porch or living room, you could smell those pink peonies.  To my suppliers, I say thank you for the lovely reminder of my childhood, my grandmother, and a different way of life.  #wholesalesuppliesplus #wsp #peony #pinkpeony

This salt soap is formulated with Shea Butter, Jojoba oil, and fine Himalayan Pink Salt.  The salt provides gently, effective exfoliating to remove and wash dry, dead skin cells while the Shea butter softens and moisturizes your fresh renewed skin.

Buy it now at Island Fresh Skincare on Etsy

Pink Peony Salt Flowers Soaps



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